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          Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Mould Co., Ltd
          Tailored and free design of your precision molds and plastic products
          Provide free design services, you can customize according to your drawings and samples, and ask us to help you produce more competitive products
          • Powerful manufacturerOwn factory, delivery guarantee

          • Professional servicesEfficient team one-on-one service

          • Sample customizationFree design, can be customized according to drawings and samples

          • Timely delivery timeAdequate inventory, spot sales, meeting customer needs

          Our product
          Specializing in various plastic product molds and hardware molds
          Hardware and plastic products
          Hardware plastic mold
          PG parts
          Oil cutting parts
          Automated parts
          JG components
          Manufacturing capability
          A professional processing factory that integrates the design and manufacturing of hardware pressure molds and plastic molds
          Five Reasons to Choose Us
          Having a professional R&D team to build high-quality core advantages
          Entering Fusheng
          Striving for excellence and continuous development, our molds are meticulously crafted

          Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. is a mold manufacturing enterprise integrating the design, manufacture and processing of hardware stamping molds and plastic molds. Founded in early 1998, located in Changan Town, Dongguan City, Jiaojiao management area, plant area of 3500 square meters. Mainly engaged in precision metal stamping molds and precision plastic molds and parts processing.

          Products involved in the field: electronic connectors, LED, communication electronic molds, medical, new energy, semiconductor, computer peripherals, automotive electronics and automation equipment spare parts and other products.

          Since its inception, the introduction of advanced production equipment, with high-quality technical personnel, "accurate, rapid, quality first" for the purpose of service, the Division "customer first, quality assurance" business philosophy, has won a good reputation in the industry. In response to the needs of the majority of customers, the company in the future development will continue to excellent quality, good corporate reputation, and more sincerely with the majority of customers and colleagues to cooperate wholeheartedly, mutual benefit and mutual benefit to achieve a win-win situation, create a brilliant tomorrow.

          Company News
          What material properties should be considered when manufacturing hardware molds?
          Hardware molds are specialized tools used in industrial production to produce parts or products of the desired shape from metal materials using various presses ……
          Warmly welcome the leaders of the Jiangxi Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan to come and guide us!
          Mr. Luo warmly welcomed the arrival of the visitors and held a symposium. During the discussion and exchange process, General Manager Luo Shenghe, based on his ……
          Industry information
          High-precision metal stamping die closed height debugging. High-precision metal stamping dies should be matched with the stamping equipment to ensure the closin……
          The reasons that affect the deformation and cracking of hardware stamping molds are multifaceted, mainly related to the original structure, chemical composition……
          High precision hardware stamping mold closing height adjustment. High precision hardware stamping molds should be matched appropriately with stamping equipment ……
          National Service Hotline:0769-38892066
          Contact Us

          Contact person : Miss Chen

          Telephone : 13922521788

          Mailbox : fsyw@dgfusheng88.com

          Address : No. 14 Zhenxing Road, Jiao Village, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

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          Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. ICP: 粵ICP備19004285號

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